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Sugacci VIBRANTE - Perfume for Men and Women - 50ml

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Fragrance Details

Top Note: White accord, Milk cream
Heart Note:
Patchouli, Vanilla Marsh-mellows
Base Note:
Cedar-wood, Cardamom, Muskmelon

About This Perfume

The Sugacci Vibrante Eau de Parfum is an immensely fresh fruity Perfume for Men and Women with woody base notes making it the best unisex fragrance. This 50ml perfume is a strong and a long lasting smell which is made from the finest hand-picked extracts of melons, cocoa and accords, blended with vanilla marshmallows and cedar wood to give you an enchanting and lasting all-time-wear fragrance. Vibrante will keep you fresh all day long and is ideal for daywear & office-wear!

Salient Features:

  • 10X more Perfume than Deodorant
  • No Gas, 100% Perfume
  • Long Lasting fragrance experience
  • 9 in 1 Fragrance. Made from 9 pure perfume extracts
  • Designed in Italy by Legendary Perfumers of the era
  • 24 hours Body Odour protection
  • Can be used on Fabric, No Spray patches

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