About Sugacci

Sugacci is a perfumes brand which aims on providing high quality and long lasting perfumes for men and women at affordable prices.

It is observed that French perfumes are popular in the Indian market as they are superior in quality; but these perfumes are high priced due to high import duties and endless marketing activities carried out by French Perfume brands. At Sugacci, we aim at providing the same quality in Eau de Parfum perfume concentration at the lowest price possible. This is only possible as Sugacci falls under the “Make in India” banner.

We provide the best alternative to deodorants and body mists which is 10 times more long lasting because all our unisex perfumes are made with Eau de Parfum concentration which makes it last longer.

Perfumes, deodorants, body mists and fragrances are nowadays bifurcated as Men & Women but at Sugacci; we create unisex fragrances which can used both by men and women. This definitely ads economic value to the perfumes we make.

The current portfolio of Sugacci includes 10 exciting variants in the Eau de parfum concentration (EDP for Men and Women) and are crafted to last longer with unique combination of perfume notes giving you an excellent fragrance experience.